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Friday, June 14, 2019

Southwestern College Holds Ribbon Cutting for State-of-the-Art Math and Science Building | News Releases - Southwestern College News Center

More than 100 students, Southwestern College employees and community members gathered on June 12 to celebrate the opening of Southwestern College’s Math and Science Building, the newest STEM-dedicated education facility in San Diego County by Southwestern College.

Jessica Rodriguez, nursing student, and Robert Alcantar, Governing Board president, cut the ribbon to the Math and Science Building with Southwestern College students, employees and community members.
Already serving our students for a semester, the $85.6 million Math and Science Building has expanded Southwestern College’s curriculum by giving students access to state-of-the-art labs, classrooms and lecture halls.

“This place is where dreams can be nurtured, where dreams can be grown,” said Margie Stinson, biology professor. “Our students now see a light aiming at the university. More of them are stepping forward into the future rather than looking at where they have been.”

Community members were invited to experience and witness the demonstration of the new facilities, including a synthetic cadaver, a drone demonstration, a 3-D printer demonstration, shark dissection and the fermentation lab.

The building is a cornerstone for many of Southwestern College’s innovative and in-demand programs, like the new fermentation and drone programs, as well as home to some of Southwestern College’s most popular majors like biology, chemistry, math, geology and physics...

The Math and Science Building gives new and expanded spaces to the Math Center and the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Program.

Source: Southwestern College News Center