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Thursday, June 13, 2019

When Everything Goes Right in the Classroom | Effective Classroom Management - Faculty Focus

It is difficult to predict what the dynamics of a college class will be like at the beginning of a semester, summarizes Bill Bergman, Author at Faculty Focus.

Photo: Faculty Focus
Two sections of the same subject taught by the exact same instructor can have radical differences in how students communicate with one another in class.

Since student interaction is not a consideration of the software program that manages college registration and class composition, it is exciting for an instructor when the computer actually creates a group of students with the right chemistry for an engaging semester.

It happened this past semester in my Digital Marketing class. This was not your typical college class where students are very measured and cautious, fearing they will say something inappropriate. This particular combination of 25-second semester seniors was outspoken, and they behaved more like they were at a Thursday night happy hour with friends than in a college classroom.

Over the semester, I’ve tried to figure out what made this one of the best classes I’ve ever taught. Here are the variables I believe contributed to such an engaging semester: 
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Source: Faculty Focus