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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Relationship Between Philosophy and Science | Philosophy - Wortfm

Philosophy has been around for centuries, at least as far back as the Greeks like Socrates and Aristotle according to Perpetual Notion Machine.

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Back then, and even today, philosophy is about knowledge and wisdom, trying to understand the reality, nature, all around us. That’s pretty much the same as science. But in the 17th century, science became its own area of reasoning through the use of empirical data to prove theories and concepts. Philosophy became reasoning through the clarification of arguments and logic.

Tonight, the Perpetual Notion Machine welcomes Elliot Sober to the show to discuss the relationship between philosophy and science. Elliot is the William F. Vilas Research Professor in Philosophy at UW-Madison. Elliot discusses several aspects of philosophy with PNM reporter Dennis Shaffer.

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"In this website, we use a practical checklist to get a basic picture of what science is and a flexible flowchart to depict how science works." The Understanding Science site was produced by the UC Museum of Paleontology of the University of California at Berkeley, in collaboration with a diverse group of scientists and teachers, and was funded by the National Science Foundation1. 

Source: Wortfm