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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Dover adult grads take non-traditional paths | Foster's Daily Democrat

A traditional route is not always the most effective one, as demonstrated by 122 graduates of the Dover Adult Learning Center on Tuesday night, as Foster's Daily Democrat reports. 

Photo: Pexels
Just ask graduate Sarah Griffith.

“I always wanted to finish high school, it just wasn’t in the plans for me,” Griffith said after the ceremony in City Hall. “I’ve always very much valued education, and I think a lot of people at my graduation are the same. It’s just our circumstances are a little bit different than everyone else’s, so we had to go through it by different means.”

The program offers preparation classes for the HiSET test, which is the High School Equivalency Test, formally known as the GED test, as well students who wish to take credit-bearing classes to complete an adult high school diploma.

With medical and mobility conditions, Griffith said, traditional high school wasn’t well equipped to deal with her situation...

Denise Reddington, a HiSET preparation teacher at the center, said there is not a “typical student” that enrolls in the program.
“I’ve had a 16-year-old student and I’ve also had a 78-year-old student. I’ve had students from all backgrounds. Some are young pregnant women, some are homeless,” Reddington said. “However, not everyone that comes in has necessarily had a troubled past. Sometimes it just has to do with having to take care of a sick parent and dealing with that stress while they were in high school, for example.”

Source: Foster's Daily Democrat