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Saturday, June 22, 2019

How can we address the needs of digital learners? | Global - University World News

The blossoming EdTech sector has begun to overwhelm higher education with innovative educational tools that can spice up the learner experience inside the classroom and beyond by Ulrich Hommel, director of business school development at the EFMD Global Network and Sophie Zuchowicz, digital project manager and, in that role, one of the leaders of digital learning at EFMD Global Network.

Established delivery models are consequently being disrupted to the point where ‘teachers’ become ‘facilitators’ of learning with a much-reduced role as skill trainers and content providers.

Universities are embracing these opportunities for change and are trying to catch up with rapidly growing online learning capabilities. But, at the same time, faculty seems to be engaged in a rearguard battle aimed at maintaining the traditional delivery experience as much as possible.

We want to put forward an alternative viewpoint that subordinates the adoption of EdTech to the emerging needs of modern-day students as digital natives...

The world is the classroom of the future
One cannot overemphasise the cultural divide between ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ in higher education. While universities previously played the role of community enhancer, they now need to facilitate and create pathways for the integration of learning communities with life in a global context. EdTech will act as a catalyst to make this work. It will create tailor-made digital outfits suitable for digital natives.

Traditional quality assurance is all about control of the learning process. In the world of ‘Z’, the bureaucratic rituals of quality management can actually act as inhibitors of quality improvement.

Source: University World News