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Sunday, August 11, 2019

21 Computer Science Books For Beginners | Nonfiction - Book Riot

Laura Diaz de Arce, South Florida writer insist, We aren’t quite at Matrix levels of AI yet (keyword: “yet”), but computer fluency and computer science are continuous growth industries.

Computer science, in the most general terms, is the study of how computers function, including how it works on an engineering sense, but also how it works in a societal sense. It’s a wide-ranging and diverse field that includes the mechanics of computers (hardware, programming, etc.) to the ethics of it and our relationship to computers. There is hardly a field that does not use computer science. For a lot of people, pursuing computer science, either as a career or as a skill, can seem daunting. Not to fear, though! We’ve rounded up some must-read computer science books to help get you started!

This article is broken down into three sections for your convenience: Learning to Code, Reference and Theory, and a Bonus section. You also don’t have to take my word for this information; I consulted with Dr. David Dittman, who holds a PhD in computer science with a focus on data mining and bioinformatics [1].

As a quick note on diversity: this list is not as diverse as it should be. Many seminal texts from four decades ago on coding are still used industry-wise. Those were largely made by a small population. We want to assure you that computer science is a vibrant field with people of all ethnicities, genders, abilities, and orientations.

Source: Book Riot