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Thursday, August 08, 2019

The Community Music Center of Houston Celebrates 40 Years with Lessons Learned (and Still Learning) | Music - Houston Press

Bob Ruggiero, writing about music, books, and entertainment for the Houston Press summarizes, It’s 9:45 on a Saturday morning at St. Mary’s United Methodist Church on Scott Street in the Third Ward, and music is coming from inside. 

 A group of pre-teen violin students work their way through a classical piece.
Photo: Bob Ruggiero
But instead of a hymn or gospel tune that you might expect on the next day, it’s the sound of several violins cautiously playing Bach’s “Minuet and G Major,” that little ditty known to classical music lovers and brides around the world.

Tucked in a small room, Dr. Anne Lundy is instructing several pre-teen violinists as they tackle the tune with intense concentration while she guides them from behind a Casio keyboard. The children’s brows are all knitted as they hoist their instruments with one hand and glide their bows across the strings with the other.

“That’s good, that’s good. But you need to pick up the pace a little!” she says. “It’s getting better! We have to keep working on it!”...

In another room, piano teacher Quinton Arwind is helping a young player with some tricky keyboard work, which he encourages her to keep repeating and working at.

“Music is one of the few things in life that uses more of the brain than reading or math. You have to focus on doing more than one thing. And it makes them more open minded,” he says. 
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Source: Houston Press