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Thursday, August 29, 2019

How high schools can foster 'deeper learning' | Education - Phys.Org

Jal Mehta, professor of education at the Graduate School of Education (GSE), and Sarah Fine, Ed.M. '13, Ed.D. '17, visited 30 innovative public high schools across the country to examine where students were experiencing what the two call deeper learning, says Liz Mineo, Staff Writer at Harvard Gazette. 

Jal Mehta and “In Search of Deeper Learning" co-author Sarah Fine visited dozens of high schools across the country.
Photo: Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Staff Photographer
What they found was surprising: Even in the most celebrated schools, the learning that allows students to grow as thinkers and critical and creative learners is more often the exception than the rule. The Gazette sat down with Mehta to talk about the book he recently published with Fine, "In Search of Deeper Learning," the role of teachers in leading students to deeper learning, and what it takes to remake the American high school. 
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