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Monday, August 26, 2019

Using artificial intelligence to address contract cheating in universities | Universities - Study International News

The influence of artificial intelligence (AI) can be felt across every aspect of life, and higher education is no exception by

Artificial intelligence can help universities uphold academic honesty policies.
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AI is making education increasingly accessible and easier for students with disabilities, providing support for those who need additional help. But it can also help universities uphold academic honesty policies.

Georgia Tech University in the US has developed “an AI agent” named Jack Watson to pose as a contractor and help the university identify students guilty of contract cheating. 

Contract cheating is a serious academic dishonesty that involves students getting an external party to contribute to or complete their assignments or assessments. Regardless of whether the third party – which could be a friend, family member or even an editing service – is paid or not, it’s still considered contract cheating, according to the University of Sydney...

A research paper notes that Jack Watson is being used to monitor auction sites, identify posted homework assignments and provide students with watermarked solutions that can be automatically identified upon submission of the assignment.

Source: Study International News