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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Low-Cost Options for Adults Learning Music | Arts & Entertainment -

While music is an integral part of the human experience, there are many adults who never learned to play music in their youth by Jambar Contributor.

Adults, especially college students, are often burdened by limited funds. They may not know where to start learning music without spending a lot of money, but there are several low-cost opportunities.  

Randall Goldberg, professor and director of the Dana School of Music, provided a few options for 
people who are new to music. 

Goldberg said people should begin with their voice by joining a choir or other vocal ensemble with a low audition threshold...  

Cicilia Yudha, associate professor of piano, teaches a class called Keyboard Musicianship for Non-Music Majors that any student can take for one credit. In this class, students learn the fundamentals of how to read music and play the keyboard in a low-pressure environment.

“The students in the past have been students who are majoring in biology, math and criminal justice — they do something completely different,” Yudha said. “The piano becomes a way for them to kind of release stress and challenge a different part of their brains.”