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Saturday, August 10, 2019

What Is Deep Learning? | PCMag

Ben Dickson, software engineer and tech blogger explains, Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that configures computers to perform tasks through experience. Here's a deep dive.

Deep learning, an advanced artificial intelligence technique, has become increasingly popular in the past few years, thanks to abundant data and increased computing power. It's the main technology behind many of the applications we use every day, including online language translation and automated face-tagging in social media.

This technology has also proved useful in healthcare: Earlier this year, computer scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) used deep learning to create a new computer program for detecting breast cancer.

Classic models had required engineers to manually define the rules and logic for detecting cancer, but for this new model, the scientists gave a deep-learning algorithm 90,000 full-resolution mammogram scans from 60,000 patients and let it find the common patterns between scans of patients who ended up with breast cancer and those who didn't. It's able to predict breast cancer up to five years in advance, a considerable improvement over previous risk-prediction models...

The Future of Deep Learning
Earlier this year, the pioneers of deep learning were awarded the Turing Award, the computer science equivalent of the Nobel Prize. But the work on deep learning and neural networks is far from over. Various efforts are in the works to improve deep learning.

Source: PCMag