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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Addressing And Removing Common Stereotypes About Older Workers | Leadership - Forbes

Patti Temple Rocks, Head of Client Impact at ICF Next says, I believe one of the reasons that ageism is so pervasive in the workplace is the abundance of unfounded stereotypes about workers over the age of 50. 

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These stereotypes often paint older workers as technologically incompetent, stubborn and dead set against any kind of professional development. To be frank, these stereotypes are total nonsense.
However, our society is so overrun with stereotypes about older people that’s it easy to -- even unintentionally -- fall into ageist thinking. Let’s acknowledge some of the most popular myths about older workers and look at some ways companies can make sure they’re leading their teams void of this thinking...

As a leader, you can (and should) do your part by making sure that unconscious bias is addressed in your organization. The first step is to acknowledge that it most likely exists in your company and probably within you. Harvard University, an institution that has done research on implicit bias, offers a self-assessment tool that I encourage all leaders to explore.

Source: Forbes