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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

8 Ways To Spot A Fake Data Scientist | Opinions - Analytics India Magazine

Data science is one of the fanciest jobs of the decade and there are a lot of people who are looking to call themselves data scientists even if that means they do not have the actual skills, according to Srishti Deoras, currently works as Associate Editor for Analytics India Magazine.

Photo: Analytics India Magazine
However, it makes hiring data scientists a tedious job as there is no shortage of fake resumes floating around who are looking to get the role. The fraud also stems out from the fact that the job descriptions are not properly understood. This makes many people think that they are data scientists — just because they deal with data. 

To keep away from fake data scientists and hire only real data scientists, it is important for recruiters to be educated about the difference between roles like data scientist, data analyst, data engineers and others. It is also important for them to ask the right questions and keep an eye on some of the points discussed below to spot a fake data scientist. Here are some pointers:

Source: Analytics India Magazine