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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

How to use learning programs to attract and retain Gen Z | Deep Dive - HR Dive

Gen Z knows what it wants and what it's worth — and employers that don't make opportunities for growth explicit may fail to land new hires, summarizes Riia O’Donnell, Human Resource professional.

Photo: Pexels

Attracting talent is a task on the top of HR professionals' to-do lists these days. Job seekers, particularly young workers, know their worth, and they're looking for organizations that know it as well — so to attract talent, opportunity has to be obvious, both in the short-term and the long-term.

Gen Zers are typically classified as those born in or after 1996. Tech savvy and values-driven, these workers seek out transparency and clear career progression from their future employers, various experts have said. To attract and retain Gen Zers, Susan Hanold, VP Strategic Advisory Services at ADP, suggested that recruiters should work alongside their L&D colleagues to see success.

"Learning and professional development can play a key part in attracting Gen Z," she said in an email. "Gen Z is a digital generation with an entrepreneurial mindset."...

Keeping the train on track 
Leaders play an important role in encouraging young workers to think about their long-term career, Hanold said, so mentorships are key. To keep new hires engaged and motivated during their first year, outline a clear linear career path for entry-level recruits so they understand where they will start, what short term goals to meet, skills they will acquire through onboarding and where new hires tend to end up in a year. A good way to demonstrate this is to showcase new hire alumni and their successes, she added.

Source: HR Dive