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Friday, August 23, 2019

Sometimes You Don’t Need Deep Learning: Eye on A.I. | Artificial Intelligence - Fortune

Schneider Electric is using basic data crunching in some of its technology. And that's just fine by them by Jonathan Vanian, Fortune.

Photo: Getty Images
Ibrahim Gokcen, the digital chief technology officer for industrial giant Schneider Electric, has some words of caution about deep learning—the latest craze in artificial intelligence. Sometimes, conventional data crunching works just fine.

All of the technology sold by Schneider that warns corporate customers when their industrial equipment may fail uses basic analytics or statistical analysis to make predictions. Although the software incorporates machine learning, it doesn't use deep learning, a technology that has led to breakthroughs in image and language translation.

But that's okay, Gokcen explained...

Traditional data analytics and machine learning work perfectly well for Schneider Electric, the 180-year old company that is known for its circuit breakers and other electrical equipment. Additionally, using older data crunching technology makes it easier for the company's data scientists to understand how those systems reach their conclusions—a challenge for even the best deep-learning experts.

Source: Fortune