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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Taking the Classroom on the Road | Academic - Millikin University

When it comes to learning about the music industry and touring, sometimes there is no better teacher than the road, and for Millikin University faculty member Martin Atkins, he's taking this approach and developing it into his boldest project yet, inform Dane Lisser, Dir/Media Rel & Publications.

As an educator, it's no secret that Martin Atkins enjoys incorporating his experiences into his teachings at Millikin as coordinator of music business. But this fall, he will be taking things a step further with an immersion course called Tour:Smart Bus Edition where students get to join a real live rock tour.

Designed by Atkins and inspired by his best-selling book, "Tour:Smart," Bus Edition embeds students on a U.S. concert tour for four to five shows throughout the country. Students can learn tour management in real-time with real people, with real outcomes. As Atkins says, "the tour is the classroom," where students learn, live and work on the tour bus, behind the stage, in the green room, on the road and at the merchandise booth...

According to Atkins, the class already has 93 people waitlisted. "It's an opportunity for students to network with the next wave of people who are going to be doing this. That's how the music business works – it's who you know, who can you call. It's an instant network with a common experience," he said.

The first leg of the tour begins Nov. 12 in Chicago with pre-production and dress rehearsal. The tour will include stops in New York, Dallas, Austin and Atlanta. The last show of the tour is scheduled for Dec. 1.

Source: Millikin University