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Friday, November 30, 2018

2 is the new ‘one’ | News Today

Mathematicians will be aghast but 2 is a prime number now, says Jawahar T R, Group CMD & Editor-in-Chief.

Rajinikanth, who is known for doing impossible things on screen (he holds the record for defying gravity by flying for the longest time and in the process knocking out scores of villains in mid-air before touching ground zero), is the architect of this arithmetic acrobatic.

Since the release of his film 2, which is actually 2.0, (now, don’t ask what the difference between 2 and 2.0 or the point of adding a ‘point zero’ to 2), the number 2 (or 2.0, take your pick), has become numero uno, putting every other digit in the shade. 2, which includes 2.0, truly rocks. This despite Rajini himself declaring in the movie that he is always number 1.

A bit confusing eh…? But that’s Rajini style. Anyway, we know that if R says something once, he is deemed to have said it twice (that makes 100 equal to 2 — though none can equal 2.0 itself, if you get the drift). I can see that there are too many brackets already — more than 2 in about 3 paras. This is because I am trying to say 2 … too many things at the same time. And it sucks to type them, as brackets, along with quote-unquote, are the toughest challenge on a keyboard — there is a chance of getting the two curves mixed up...

And, finally, 2 has disrupted hashtags and history too. #MeToo will now have to be #Me2 if women want to escape from wolves on prowl. And BC Rome has to be recreated to make Julius Caesar say ‘You 2’, Brutus (et 2, Brutus). After all, Rajini can change history and just about anything with retrospective and prospective effect.

Now, don’t put 2 and 2 together and make that a prediction of his political prospects. TN’s battle-hardened politicos are robot-proof and the Superstar may have to put up with many missed calls even if he be 1, 2 or whatever. Or, he may turn out to be just another sparrow, falling victim to the viles of the towers, sorry, powers that be. Or as is his trend, his ‘tomorrow never comes’, remaining just a filmy rhetoric to keep his lusty fans always on their twos, I mean, toes.
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Source: News Today