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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Policy shift forces Danes to close degrees and cut English teaching | Times Higher Education

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Universities in Denmark reacted with dismay in August after the government said that it would cut places for international students because too many left the country after graduation. Now leading institutions in the country have announced that they will close several degree programmes and switch the medium of instruction from English to Danish in order to abide by the policy, says Ellie Bothwell, rankings editor and international reporter at Times Higher Education.

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Hanne Tange, associate professor at Aalborg University, said that the moves were “a smart way to actually exclude all people not speaking Danish without actively discriminating against European students”, which would be illegal. The situation raises the question of whether universities in other European countries – many of which have also seen a backlash against English-taught courses – will also be forced to “renationalise” their degree programmes. 

Source: Times Higher Education