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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Coursera to introduce course on Artificial Intelligence | Coursera - Economic Times

Online learning platform Coursera is set to introduce an ‘AI for everyone’ course for non-technical business leaders to navigate the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), as Economic Times reports. 

The course will be taught by Andrew Ng, one of the foremost researchers in AI, who previously led the deep learning research teams at Google and Baidu.

Most aspiring CEOs are faced with questions on how to structure their AI teams, how to decide on what AI projects to work on, what not to work on and how to align their company's strategy with AI of the future. This course is for those non-technical business leaders in all roles to understand AI opportunities,” said Andrew Ng, Co-founder of Coursera.
The course will go live by January 2019 and is likely to be a three-week course with learners spending 2-3 hours a week. Ng said that the rise of the internet gave rise to new job roles, which is going to be the case with the future of AI as well...

The 'AI for everyone' course is produced by, a team of five with Ng at the helm working towards making AI educational material accessible to starters.

Coursera has 36 million registered learners globally, with over 1400 enterprise partnerships and 2700 active courses on its platform. India is the second largest market for Coursera in terms of individual learners and enterprises.

The top five courses in India are machine learning by Stanford University, programming for everybody (getting started with Python) by University of Michigan, neural networks and deep learning by, algorithms, part I by Princeton University, and learning how to learn by University of California. 
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Source: Economic Times