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Saturday, November 24, 2018

'We want every Lane student to know that they could achieve a university degree' | Local - KPIC News

Lane Community College and Northwest Christian University are joining forces to offer transfer students a better path to graduation, as KPIC News reports.

The Titan to Beacon agreement gives Lane graduates in multiple studies the opportunity to advance their learning experience.
Photo: SBG
The "Titan to Beacon" agreement gives LCC graduates the opportunity to advance their learning experience.

With just a single signature, two universities vital to the community partner up...

Students majoring in psychology, business, music, nursing, human services, and teacher education will soon be able to apply for academic credit at NCU.

The goal is to save students time and money through this partnership.

“Doing two years at LCC and the two years at a university saves you money, but it doesn't cost you anything in terms of education,” said Curtis Smith, an NCU transfer student.
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Source: KPIC News