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Friday, November 23, 2018

The 4th industrial revolution: Prepare for AI and the era of digitization | E-book - Peltarion

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AI has the potential to transform countless aspects of business and society for the better. Our mission is to make AI accessible and affordable but the topic can be complex and hard to understand.

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That’s why we wrote the book. We wanted to help people understand what AI is and how businesses and organisations can harness the technology.

Peltarion founder and CEO Luka Crnkovic-Friis writes in the Introduction, "Every  positive  leap  for  mankind  has  been  fueled  by  intelligence  –  technical  revolutions  as  well  as  achievements  in  sustainability,  business  or  demo-cracy.  Now  with  the  advent  of  artificial  intelligence,  we  give  ourselves  the  opportunity  to  massively  expand  our  intelligence.  This  makes  AI  a  monumental  asset  for  positive  change  –  for  individuals,  organizations and humanity."

Explaining  or  grasping  the  speed  and  breadth  of  this  revolution  we  find  ourselves  standing  on  the  brink of is difficult, and AI itself is complicated. With this  book  we  aim  to  make  people  understand  how  artificial intelligence works and the immense potential it holds, so its benefits are made available, usable and affordable for all.

Download your copy as a PDF

Source: Peltarion