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Friday, November 23, 2018

More than half of university staff want more #EdTech for teaching #FutureofEducation | Sector News - FE News

Our latest digital experience insights report shows both further (FE) and higher education (HE) staff want more time and training to improve digital skills, so they can use technology more effectively to benefit students, inform Paul Feldman, Chief Executive, Jisc. 

Photo: FE News

The poll also finds that 38% of HE teaching staff rate their university’s support for developing digital aspects of their role as better than average, and 26% below average.

Demanding workloads are also impacting opportunities teachers have to improve their digital skills. One lecturer said: “Workload is so cluttered during term time that developing new digital teaching practice in response to student feedback during the semester itself is difficult/impossible.”

However, there is enthusiasm for using technology, with the poll finding that 61% of teaching staff describe themselves as among the first or early adopters of digital technologies for teaching, and that 51% rate their organisation's digital provision as better than average.

The staff survey is a pilot that builds on our student version of the report, which this year collated answers from more than 37,000 students about their experience of technology in FE and HE...

"Our teaching staff insights survey provides additional data to organisations, triangulating with the data from their student insights surveys.”
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Source: FE News