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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Machine Learning 101: How To Kickstart Your Learning Journey | Learning Corner - Analytics India Magazine

When it comes to pursuing a career in machine learning, it is not as simple as learning and getting ahead in their careers, inform Abhishek Sharma, research and cover latest happenings in data science.

Photo: Analytics India Magazine
Beginners are often bewildered with countless learning resources out there. This guide tells exactly where to kickstart your proficiency towards ML.

Step 1: Math And Statistics 
The first thing is the skill to understanding problems through a mathematical intuition. We would highly recommend starting with basics in linear algebra then gradually moving to calculus. It may be hard to master them initially but given the time and practice with working, these areas will be familiar and comfortable to work on. Another subject that follows math is statistics. For any ML algorithm to be understood clearly, statistics is essential. Hence, fundamental knowledge in stats should be learnt hand in hand.

By now, you might have easily thought of online websites such as Coursera or Udemy. Of course, these are good resources to learn at your own pace. The only hindrance is setting and following self-paced goals. 

Source: Analytics India Magazine