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Friday, November 16, 2018

4 UK Business Schools triggering agile MBA talent | University - Study International News

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a golden ticket into a vast array of graduate jobs, as Study International Staff reports.

Photo: University of Leicester
From a different angle, however, an MBA also has the power to enhance a business executive’s life by elevating their career to the next level.

Filled with invaluable management skills and offering entry into an extensive network of business contacts, it’s clear to see why so many international applicants apply for a UK MBA.

But what are top employers searching for from today’s fresh pool of MBA graduates?

That’s the question the Financial Times decided to tackle in a recent investigation.

During their discovery, four key advantages were disclosed...

To address the need for agile talent, the Financial Times suggests that schools build dynamic classrooms that allow students to work with a unique selection of individuals on unfamiliar challenges.

By encouraging MBA students to take a huge leap into the unknown, they are empowered by resilience and increased adaptability for the future workplace. This leads them towards ultimate success.

Here are four UK Business Schools that trigger agile talent with the MBA degree
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