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Sunday, November 25, 2018

UE Launches New Actuarial Science Degree Program | University of Evansville

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Evansville has launched a new bachelor’s degree in actuarial science.  

The program prepares students for a career as an actuary, a top-ranked profession offering high salaries in a low-stress environment.  In addition to specialized courses focused on actuarial science, the program includes course work in mathematics, statistics and data science, computer science, economics, finance, and accounting. Students may enroll in the program beginning in Fall 2019. 

“Actuaries are experts at modeling and managing risk,” said Mark Gruenwald, PhD, professor of mathematics and director of actuarial science. “They are highly trained professionals with strong analytical skills and specialized knowledge of math, statistics, and business. Their work provides financial security for insurance companies, multinational corporations, and the government. Not surprisingly, there is a growing demand for individuals with this rare combination of talent and expertise.”

Advancement as an actuary depends on progress in completing a series of challenging exams, the first one to three of which are typically taken before graduation.  The new program provides preparation for five of the 10 actuarial exams required to achieve the highest status within the profession, Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. 

The new program was designed in consultation with graduates of the former program and replaces the existing actuarial track within the applied mathematics program... 

The new actuarial program adds an advanced course in long-term actuarial modeling along with three new required classes in data science...

For more information, to enroll in the actuarial or statistics and data science programs at UE, or to arrange a personal visit with professors Dwyer or Gruenwald, contact the Office of Admission at email

Source: University of Evansville