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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

5 Tips To Apply Proactive Learning In Online Training | Instructional Design - eLearning Industry

In the workplace, quick reflexes are useful, but initiative has a bigger impact. Is there a way to implement this in your online training program? In this article, Christopher Pappas discuss how to apply proactive learning in online training.

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How To Apply Proactive Learning In Online Training
The terms ‘proactive’ and ‘reactive’ may sound like equally meaningless buzzwords to younger generations. The typical assumption is to class millennials as both proactive and reactive. They explore new approaches to work, which makes them unconventional. And in many ways, this break from tradition paints them as proactive. On the other hand, they’re quick to Google, sometimes mid-conversation, which labels them as reactive. How do these two concepts apply to online training?...

Do adults learn in the same way as their younger counterparts? Or do they need their own special approach to absorb the information? Do you know what your adult learners need to achieve their goals and tackle everyday challenges? 
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