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Friday, November 09, 2018

ECPI offers graduates option of sharing degrees digitally | Education - Henrico Citizen

ECPI University recently launched a service that allows graduates to share their degrees digitally with prospective employers or others, says

ECPI offers the service through Blockchain, becoming one of the first universities to do so. Graduates who use the service won’t need to contact the registrar’s office to have a verifiable degree sent to a requester.

Blockchain technology provides secure verification. The student controls his or her official records and can share degrees and/or professional certificates publicly on social media profiles, or send them privately by email or text message using the ‘share icon’ in the app and with its own unique URL. Next year, ECPI plans to use the platform to issue digital transcripts...

Digital credentials have the potential to dramatically reduce false claims on resumes, since employers will be able to instantly substantiate a person’s educational background.

Source: Henrico Citizen