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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Engaging Students and Building Community with High-Impact Visual Communications | Whitepapers - eCampus News

Colleges and universities are taking advantage of large common spaces to engage students with a variety of images and messaging.

This white paper will explore some of the many ways that colleges and universities can use visual technologies to communicate with students in large common areas. It will look at the main options that are available for this purpose, and it will outline the key aspects to consider when planning your own solution.

Read this free whitepaper to learn how University of Washington and other colleges and universities use visual communications to reach students—providing updates, news and even emergency alerts—through technology. Then uncover key considerations when designing your own visual technology system. 

Access o learn more about:    
  • The near-limitless visual communications opportunities available on campus 
  • Visual technology options best used in large spaces  
  • How University of Washington uses a video wall to bring data to life in ‘Idea Incubator’ space 
  • The types of solutions that best meets your needs 
  • Key questions to ask when creating your own visual communications strategy  
  • Plus, so much more  
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Source: eCampus News.

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