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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Augmented Reality – A Reality Today

Photo: Vishal Saxena
Vishal Saxena, partner and co-founder of eWorkz reports, "For many years, virtual reality was, and still is, a very popular method of visualising reality." 

Virtual reality is computer-simulated reality; it simulates a real environment to artificially create an experience that can address your senses, including sight, hearing, touch and smell.

But virtual reality is slowly becoming passé. Say hello to Augmented Reality!

Eworkz Demo 

What is augmented reality?
Imagine a situation where you are using a map to navigate to an unfamiliar place. You need to know what the place looks like so you can identify it when you see it. Augmented reality does this for you. Using augmented reality, you can see the map on one half of your screen and on the other half, you can not only see the place, you can also see the current situation in that place, is there a traffic jam, is the store closed, or even if any renovation is being done, provided of course, you have the requisite software and appropriate cameras have been set up at these locations.

If you were to compare virtual reality and augmented reality, virtual reality is a simulation of the world and augmented reality is closer to the real world.  The increasing speed of internet, blends the physical and the virtual world together to create augmented reality.

About eWorkz 

eWorkz is a professionally managed company that specializes in offering learning content and creative services using technology, to effectively address learning needs. Our focus is on building SCORM-compliant bespoke content for corporates.
Collectively, our leadership team has in excess of hundred person years of experience in the learning domain. We have successfully managed and delivered various learning projects across the globe. Our trained team rigorously adhere to toll-gate based development process and follow a judicious balance of efficiency and effectiveness.

Source: eWorkz: Global Learning Partners and Eworkz Channel (YouTube)

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