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Friday, November 27, 2015

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In this week's news, technology dominates many of higher-education's top terms and buzzwords; federal recommendations address accreditation; virtual reality claims a spot on campus; and a new college selection algorithm claims to pair students with their top school. 

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10 higher education buzzwords and phrases

From buzzwords to phrases higher-ed speakers and leaders love to use, it seems there’s a whole new vocabulary—that some call “edubabble”—developed every couple of years. What’s interesting to note in these higher education buzzwords and phrases of 2015 is that many are either directly technology-related or are based on new technology functionalities.

4 federal recommendations to improve accreditation
In the wake of online learning, competency-based education, and a host of other alternative pathways and programs, accreditation has been in the reformation spotlight this year. And now the government is jumping in.

Science develops an algorithm for college selection—but does it work?  
A new algorithm is using data and predictive analytics to determine, with noteworthy accuracy (90 percent), which institution is the best match for students.

Colleges begin to take virtual reality seriously
Virtual reality (VR) is emerging as a powerful technology, projected to grow into a $30 billion industry in the next 5 years. But when it comes to higher education, has VR’s dramatic rise impacted colleges and universities?


Source: eCampus News

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