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Monday, November 09, 2015

Four unique classes offered next semester at the University

"As students prepare to enroll for Spring 2016 courses, here are some of the University's most unique offerings." inform Drew Friedman

Adding fun, variety to normal class schedules.

Next semester, a particularly unique drama class called "Circus in America" is being offered at the University. This class dives into the history of the circus throughout the past several centuries as well as its role in contemporary entertainment. 
Photo: Marshall Bronfin | Cavalier Daily

1. Books Behind Bars: Life, Literature and Leadership
After reading and analyzing several works of Russian literature in the beginning of the semester, students in this class learn how to teach about the works and lead literary discussions. With these skills, students will engage in community work by visiting residents of Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center. By leading discussions with the center’s residents, students develop their own personal skills while performing generous community service.

“[The class] gives students the opportunity to act pragmatically in the world, while reflecting deeply on their experience at the same time,” Books Behind Bars Prof. Andrew Kaufman said in an email.

2. Circus in America
Circus in America is the only class taught on the history of the American circus in the United States, Drama Prof. Lavahn Hoh said. The class focuses on the developments and changes in the American circus through several centuries of influence.

“The importance of the circus in the 19th and 20th centuries in America cannot be understated,” Hoh said in an email.  

3. Learn to Groove
This hands-on music class gives students the opportunity to play the hand drum, keep time with music and learn the places and people associated with contemporary music genres.

“This is the only class at U.Va. that offers a hands-on drumming experience in Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Caribbean, U.S. Jazz and Rhythm and Blues genres in a drum circle environment,” Music Prof. Robert Jospe said.

In addition to learning how to play and understand musical rhythms, Learn to Groove teaches students about mindfulness and each class begins with five minutes of mindful, self-awareness practice, Jospe said.

4. Environmental Science Undergraduate Seminar
This seminar occurs one day a week for one hour, and all types of students may enroll in the course. It is a one-credit, pass or fail class aiming to expose students to relevant and contemporary topics in environmental science. The class has no tests, and students will gain exposure to popular topics related to the natural environment.

According to the class description, the seminar deals with “environmental processes, research, issues, careers and graduate study,” while making these topics relevant to undergraduate students and the wider University community.

Source: University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

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