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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Big Data E-Learning Is Improving Education

Sarah Smith, small business owner reports, "The world of education has forever been changed by the development of big data e-learning. This technology provides a variety of effective online learning systems."


It is able to collect huge amounts of data about how a student is performing with online testing and other types of activity. It is able to provide a picture of the learning process that was never before possible. Teachers now know how students are handling the process rather than getting grades that only show an outcome. It has made it possible for educators to personalize and improve the educational process on every level.

Big Data  
In the e-learning industry, big data refers to the data obtained about individuals as they are involved in the learning process. Some companies provide their employees with training models designed to teach company policies. The learning progress of an employee, test results as well as assessments are able to be used to improve the training model. If a number of learners require too much time to complete a specific module, it could mean the module needs to be changed to make it more effective for those using it. The act of data mining for education is considered any amount of data obtained during the learning process...

Improving The Learning Process
It is important to understand how big data is used when it comes to education. It provides an effective way for teachers to learn the best ways for people to process and acquire information. Big data is a system that provides an extensive understanding of the e-learning process. Teachers are able to analyze what elements in each course are the most effective. Educators will are even able to determine the time of day when learning is most successful. The best possible information delivery method can be determined. All of this is used to take education to the next level.

Source: Smart Data Collective

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