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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Microsoft Delve app brings Office 365 machine learning to iOS and Android

Photo: Chris Merriman
"It reads everything so you don't have to, then gives you the gist." inform Chris Merriman.

MICROSOFT HAS announced the release of its latest Office programme for mobile users on iOS and Android.

Introducing Office Delve Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone 

Microsoft Delve was released for Windows users of Office 365 as a preview last year, when its marketers described it as a "milestone". It is now available cross-platform and will really start to become useful.

The concept is to provide an aggregated view of all Microsoft Office activities, bolstering them with machine learning to ensure that the resulting stream has maximum relevance and context.
Delve uses the Office Graph to search for all the relevant information from around the Office suite and turn workflows into meaningful individualised visualisations.

The motivation behind Delve harks back to Google's unsuccessful Wave platform as Microsoft attempts to end the problems of missed connections and endless email chains.
Users will be able to look at what other employees are working on and even take a feed of what people have been saying about them, which runs the risk of causing a lot of rows during the adjustment phase.
Delve can collect and analyse data from OneDrive, Yammer, SharePoint and Skype, as well as the core Office 365 products.
The software has been available for some time as a preview, but was finally released to the Google Play store and Apple Store today, having graduated from beta.

Source: Inquirer and Office Videos Channel (YouTube)

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