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Friday, November 20, 2015

Learning to Play Piano Through Online Program

A local couple has created an online music curriculum for young children, which gives them a chance to learn how to play their favorite songs on the piano.

Courtesy: My Piano Starts Here

Mike and Mary Anderson just relaunched their website for My Piano Starts Here.

The program teaches children between the ages of three and through a series of videos that are crafted to be developmentally appropriate for younger learners.

"We think of it as a musical playground where children can do what they want and follow their interest," said Mike.

"We believe everyone is born with two instruments: a voice and the ability to keep a beat," said Mary, who compares the program to organic food. "There's nothing processed, nothing overdone or electronic. We sing, we make music, and we bathe children's ears in quality, authentic music that they can easily interpret and replicate."

The curriculum is built on musical foundations, proper piano technique, children's songs and scales.

It also features local musicians and promotes literacy.

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Source: The Charlottesville Newsplex

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