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Monday, November 16, 2015

How to create a PowToon that sells

Attend this New FREE Webinar:
11 Steps to Create a PowToon That SELLS!

This is a one time only LIVE webinar exclusive for PowToon members,Tuesday, November 17th, 12:30pm EST, FREE.

This will (massively) help you whether you’re a manager in a Fortune 1000 company or an owner of a small business. Because you’ll learn:
  • The 11-step method for creating free content (like a PowToon or a blog post) that "sells"...and the 3 types of calls-to-action you must include
  • The C+S+Rt = ROI formula to get extra leads and sales (even if they don’t convert directly from your PowToon or blog post)
  • The 6 question formula that determines the topic for your PowToon or blog posts (and sets it up to generate leads and sales)
  • 5 “Content Types” proven to convert readers into leads and sales (perfect for those with little or no time to write or make a PowToon)
  • 5 types of offers you should be making from your PowToon or blog content (you’ll choose based on your own business or company goals)
Note of Awesomeness:
The Digital Marketer team are the world’s top experts at increasing online leads and turning them into raving fans and sales (which is probably why they use PowToon so much). 

Photo: Russ Henneberry
Photo: Ari Sherbill
Russ Henneberry and Ari Sherbill will be hosting this for you - and I promise, you’re going to have a ton of fun with us. You do NOT want to miss this!
Click here to register right now :)

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