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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Complimentary White Paper - Measuring the Business Benefits of Diversity: 15 Key Metrics

Tracking and assessing workforce-diversity programs shouldn't be hard work, but it should be a top priority. 

Because businesses benefit when they employ highly engaged workers with different backgrounds, HR leaders and hiring professionals contribute directly to a company's success when diversity programs meet their goals.

The opposite also is true: Workforce-development professionals who do not effectively measure the outcomes of their diversity programs are in danger of having the programs - and perhaps their jobs - deemed expendable. Ongoing competitive pressures are driving business leaders to demand that all investments return bottom- or top-line improvement, including workforce diversity programs.

For companies of any size and in any industry, technologies such as business analytics are making the tracking and assessing workforce-diversity programs easy and affordable. Minding your diversity metrics does not require extensive capital investments or massive process disruption — just defining and tracking the metrics that reflect the reality of today’s competitive global economy and increasingly diverse workforce.

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Source: Training Magazine Network

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