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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Connect the dots with data—a practical tool for educators

Eight out of 10 educators believe data should make them more effective by helping them understand—in real time—students' misconceptions, struggles, and competencies. 

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Use this guidebook, 5 Strategies to Connect the Dots with Data in the Math Classroom, created with teachers in mind, as a useful tool for educators to learn how to: access insight into student learning, engage students with targeted classroom strategies, and build a Professional Learning Community to support your strategies around data in the classroom.  

You’ll learn how to:
  • Collect & Assess data that helps reveal what’s on your student’s minds 
  • Access & Gain Insight into student learning to uncover common uisunderstandings in our classroom and discover new ways to see data with DreamBox Insight Dashboards 
  • Engage & Achieve success with targeted classroom strategies—driven by data—that encourage students to reflect on their learning and use the feedback you’ve provided 
  • Link Up & Find Out about best practices for building a Professional Learning Community 
  • Process & Digest with a quick checklist that makes your math data team meetings productive

Rafranz Davis, Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning for Lufkin ISD writes, "One of my most frequent conversations with math teachers is about understanding formative assessments and how student understanding should impact learning goals. Typically these conversations expose the fact that teachers may have only been looking at one form of assessment—student responses via a state assessment test bank".

This handy guidebook from DreamBox Learning® helps teachers, specialists, and ther learning stakeholders understand the power of tapping into students’ mathematical thinking—from connections to misconceptions—to inform more targeted and personalized teaching. With this helpful resource in hand, teachers can quickly learn strategies that could immediately change the course of learning in their classrooms, as it not only offers unique ideas for utilizing formative assessments but also provides an actionable pathway toward understanding, interpreting, and analyzing data for optimal student results.

Download the FREE Guidebook

Source: DreamBox Learning

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