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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Disappointing study abroad experience? How to quickly turn it around

"The good news is that a less-than-perfect study abroad experience can almost always be remedied." summarizes Erica Cirino, contributing writer for Varsity Tutors.

Photo: USA TODAY College

Whether it’s for a few weeks or an entire semester, studying abroad has become an increasingly popular academic option for college students. And expectations are high: after all, who can look at a fun snapshot of a smiling friend in a foreign country (hashtagged #studyabroad, of course) without feeling just a teeny bit jealous?

Though studying abroad can seem like a great idea, once overseas, there is no guarantee things will go precisely the way you planned. For example, you may have set out thinking you’d be staying in a comfortable apartment for the duration of your program, but then you’re shown your living space and find it’s nowhere near as spacious as you thought it’d be. Or, you may travel to your host country to find that you absolutely cannot stomach their food, so you’re left hungry (and miserable) for your entire stay.

Yet, study abroad programs offer many benefits to those who can overcome the challenges of living and learning overseas. From picking up a foreign language, to making new friends, to experiencing a culture entirely different from your own, you’re likely to come out of a study abroad program at the very least a little more worldly than you were before. 

When you arrive at your host country and find that things aren’t what you imagined, it can be hard to reap the benefits of your experience. But the good news is that a less-than-perfect study abroad experience can almost always be remedied.

Use the following tips to help yourself quickly turn a disappointing study abroad experience into a gratifying one:

Source: USA TODAY College

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