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Monday, November 23, 2015

How Tennessee Schools Boosted Student Performance

The State of Tennessee is finding that cloud-based solutions can bring both improvements in learning and better economic outcomes to K-12 districts from their IT investments while also freeing up IT staff to tackle more pressing issues, according to a new whitepaper from IDC. 

It's all about the data in today's classrooms, and school districts need the right set of tools to make this happen. Cost reduction was part of the mix, but boosting student performance at a competitive cost was the main driver.

Download this white paper (PDF)

"This IDC white paper looks at how ITarchitects and IT managers at educational institutions are turning their interest toward externally hosted cloud solutions. This migration is sparked by a desire to streamline IT management efforts, cut associated costs, and extend system access into new domains. This approach shows a clear divergence from traditional education IT solutions where servers, databases, storage systems, networks, and so forth have been purchased, installed, and maintained within the school system."

To understand why this change is happening, one must examine both the economics that influence the IT investment decision making process and the technology advantages that often can be gained by moving to a hosted, scalable set of solutions.

Download this white paper (PDF)

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