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Friday, November 06, 2015

E-learning platform a boon for students

"Almost everyone, especially parents, drew a huge sigh of relief when the haze disappeared." summarizes Azura Abas,  NST’s Putrajaya bureau chief.

Photo: iTTV Education

Their children, however, might have wished that the haze stayed around longer since they could skip school when the air quality reached an unhealthy level.

I could not stop laughing when my colleagues in the administrative capital received texts from their children, asking for Air Pollutant Index (API) readings.

The sudden interest in the API readings was so telling of the children’s anticipation that their schools would be ordered closed by the Education Ministry.

When the education minister said schools with visibility of below 500 metres could be closed, several parents told me that their children had forced them to drive in their housing areas looking for a landmark 500m away.

Once again, I burst out laughing when the parents told me that their children used these landmarks to gauge the day’s visibility. 

No doubt, one has to commend the children’s ingenuity. Nonetheless, the number of lesson hours the students missed is worrisome.

In this respect, it makes sense when the ministry collaborated with iTTV Education Sdn Bhd to allow more than four million Year 4 to Form 5 students to access the iTTV FreeSpaceLearning channel on YouTube for free within six months, starting last month. 

With an early start in 2009, iTTV Education has produced some 1,000 hours of contents based on the ministry’s school syllabus. 

Those in iTTV Education were spot on when they said their product could be a conducive learning tool for students, especially during the haze. 

The e-learning platform, which has been implemented in many countries, including South Korea, China and Singapore, should be made available to our students in situations such as the haze to ensure they do not miss lessons. 

Source: New Straits Times Online

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