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Saturday, April 24, 2021

5 Tips on How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps | Artificial intelligence technologies - RTInsights

Mehul Rajput, CEO and co-founder of MindInventory recommends, Using machine learning in mobile apps offers a way to provide distinctive features, simpler operations, and an enhanced user experience.

Photo: RTInsights

The impact of machine learning in everyday human lives is hard to ignore. Today, we have intelligent mechanisms all around us. From voice assistants that help you navigate a route to high-tech coffee pots, you are practically dealing with miniature robots everywhere! Increasingly, mobile apps are making use of machine learning to provide additional benefits and services to their users.

Does it ever surprise you how Netflix has on-point suggestions in the “recommendation” section or how Facebook automatically tags you on your friends’ photos? The answer lies in machine learning. These companies use it in apps to match a user’s taste and maintain the influx of a decent user base...

The bottom line

Statista sheds light on the number of apps available in digital marketplaces. There are nearly 1.96 million apps in the Apple App Store and more than 2.87 in the Google Play Store. By using machine learning in your app, there is a chance for you to stand out among the crowd.

In case you want to ensure you never drown in the sea of apps, always stay on the edge of transition. Empower your apps with machine learning and watch how the number of users takes a hike!

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Source: RTInsights