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Thursday, April 15, 2021

In-class, remote or hybrid learning? How technology can help | E-learning - Education Technology

Remote learning tools are no w standard – but what happens to them after the pandemic is over? by Education Technology editorial staff.

Photo: Education Technology editorial staff.

The pandemic effectively displaced 1.2 billion students from receiving classroom instruction in 2020. Coronavirus caught many schools and instructors by surprise. Consequently, many institutions received little time and resources to support the shift from in-class training to online. This isn’t saying that technology in education, specifically remote learning, is a new concept for schools, but most schools had to come up with a plan to change their mode of learning from in-person classroom to fully remote.

How did different technologies help this rapid transition from traditional to virtual classrooms? What are the limitations of popular remote learning tools? And, how can a fully-featured classroom management solution, like Radix TeacherView, help resolve these issues?...

What is the future of remote learning?

While the future is still uncertain, most school systems are expecting a surge of students in the classrooms within the next few years. But what happens to remote learning when the pandemic dies down? What happens to the sizeable investments made by schools transforming their learning systems? Once students start trooping back to schools, what happens to their investments in remote technology?

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