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Friday, April 23, 2021

The robots of the future are already among us | Science -

From robot priests to apple pickers, these machines are bringing a robotic touch to the workplace, concluded Nicole Kobie, Freelance journalist.

Designed in the Socially Intelligent Machines Lab at the University of Texas at Austin by researcher Andrea Thomaz, Poli uses machine learning and cameras to move through new spaces, while its flexible, multi-jointed arm can pick up and manipulate items. The aim was to build a service robot, which Thomaz has since released with her company Diligent Robotics.
Photo: Spencer Lowell

Robots might not be coming for our jobs, but they're already proving useful coworkers in fields as diverse as medicine, horticulture and religion. Able to interpret the world around them using sensors and machine learning, these robots have very specific roles to play in industrial processes, working side by side with their human colleagues.