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Friday, April 16, 2021

AI Security: How Human Bias Limits Artificial Intelligence | Security & Analytics - Security Intelligence

Mark Stone, Hubspot-certified content marketing writer observes, For cybersecurity experts, artificial intelligence (AI) can both respond to and predict threats. 

Photo: Security Intelligence

But because AI security is everywhere, attackers are using it to launch more refined attacks. Each side is seemingly playing catch-up, with no clear winner in sight.  

How can defenders stay ahead? To gain context about AI that goes beyond prediction, detection and response, our industry will need to ‘humanize’ the process. We’ve explored some of the technical aspects of AI, like how it can both prevent and launch direct-denial-of-service attacks, for instance. But to get the most out of it in the long run, we’ll need to take a social sciences approach instead...

Better AI Security By Thinking Like a Human 

In fact, it’s difficult not to come away with the perception that winning in cybersecurity is about taking human psychology and social sciences into account in other areas, too. Almost anyone who has instilled a culture of awareness in their enterprise will tell you that they’re much more confident about their security posture.

Learning about, adopting and getting the most out of AI security is no different. The more we understand about the human element and the more we add that understanding into AI input, the better off we’ll be as an industry. 

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Source: Security Intelligence