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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

5 Tips to Help Managers Coach in a Virtual World | Leadership and management - Learning Blog

In early 2020, the workplace was already changing. It was dynamic, fast-paced, and accelerating at a speed not witnessed since the Industrial Revolution, says Gemma Leigh Roberts, Chartered Psychologist - Founder at The Resilience Edge.  

Photo: Learning Blog
But since navigating a global pandemic, the rate of change is unlike anything we've ever seen, and it's coming at leaders and managers faster than anyone. 

If you lead or manage a team, you've dealt with challenges and changes over the course of the past year that you've never experienced before, like the shift to virtual working. While it isn't a new concept, the global focus on this way of working has been accelerated in a way we could never have predicted...

In my course, Manager as Coach, I discuss how to coach your teams through the challenges and changes we’re all experiencing right now. You and your teams can come through this stronger when you learn to coach on the skills needed for this dynamic and evolving work environment.

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Source: Learning Blog