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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Get Dorset Back to Work - skills for the 'new normal' | Dorset Echo

Andy Martin, Dorset Echo notes, A new Dorset Echo campaign, Get Dorset Back to Work, aims to help business recover from the pandemic and people return to the jobs market. 

Digital skills have been increasing in demand for years, but the pandemic has boosted them to the top of the list of essential skills that employers desire

No matter what sector you work in, it’s likely that your job has been affected by the ongoing pandemic in some way – whether it’s moving to working from home, getting used to new health and safety measures, being put on furlough leave or having to deal with redundancy.

Some of these changes may not be permanent, but we are facing a considerable period of what has been classed as the ‘new normal’. What do these changes mean for us in the long-term and what can we do to secure our position within the new world of work?

Here are five essential skills that employers will be looking for in a world post-COVID-19.  

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Source: Dorset Echo