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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Lost generation? This could be the luckiest! | Opinion - Schools Week

Covid has been damaging in the short-term, but its legacy could see this generation of students benefit from a vastly improved education system, says Matthew Kleiner-Mann, CEO at Ivy Learning Trust.

Photo: Schools Week

The past year’s ceaseless flow of negative headlines has caused us to coin the phrase ‘doomscrollingThat’s bad enough for adults, but imagine being a child reading again and again about Covid’s ‘lost generation’. 

Many have lost loved ones. All have lost some learning. And we can’t undo that, but the pandemic has also given us a rare opportunity to re-evaluate and rebuild our systems stronger. To make practical changes. To improve daytoday school life. To be braver, more effective leaders too.  

And it’s not just about what we can do for children, but what they can do for themselves. The experience has taught them valuable technology and life skills which will make them more resilient, more motivated and more employable in the future...

This generation of children are at the forefront of change. Thought of properly, they are not some lost generationbut the lucky ones. 

We just need to be brave enough to tell them so.


Source: Schools Week