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Monday, April 26, 2021

Blended learning: don’t be too quick to ditch live learning in the race for digital transformation | Blended Learning -

Neil Taylor, Founder Schwa says, L&D’s agile adaptation to online learning during the pandemic is to be commended. We cannot allow this shift to squeeze the human connection out of learning, however. Good learning takes time – and we must fight for it.

Photo: iStock/dragana991

Guinness’ slogan used to be ‘good things come to those who wait’. That’s true of your drinks, your garden, or the Masters you devoted years of evenings to – and we know it’s true of learning at work, too. This is why I’m worried about an L&D trend that the pandemic has only made worse.

Before Covid-19 reared its head, we would regularly run daylong workshops on writing, or storytelling, or presenting – and quite often they’d be longer than that. We’d share a bit of ‘theory’, but most of the learning came from people trying things out, getting feedback, and having time to reflect. By the end of a day, you’d see a marked improvement in that person’s performance. Yes, it was an investment of valuable time – but good things come to those who wait...

Making training the reason to go to work

Finally, I’m hoping that the end of lockdown presents us all with an opportunity. While working from home has its advantages, staying away from offices has its downsides, too. Lots of us are craving some real time, in person, with our colleagues. What better reason to get together than some training? (After all, that doesn’t even have to be in the office, you could do it somewhere far more stimulating.) When we’ve all got used to doing the day-to-day stuff at home, a day of live training becomes even more special and valuable.  

So let’s push back, and crack on. Let’s pat ourselves on the back that we helped people get any learning at all done during these tricky times, but make sure we now take the chance to get people to really invest some proper time in their development. After all, good things really do come to those who wait.