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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

This place will pay you $10,000 to relocate for remote work | Innovation - TechRepublic

The program is offering cold hard cash, outdoor recreational packages, coworking space, educational opportunities and more to lure professionals in the work-from-home era, according to R. Dallon Adams, Staff Writer at TechRepublic.

Photo: iStock/vasyl dolmatov

While some companies have transitioned back to the in-person office after months of remote work, other organizations have made long-term commitments to telecommuting. In the age of remote work, telecommuters are no longer tethered to a set location.

Due to this flexibility, a herd of digital nomads could be on the move as remote workers relocate en masse. A number of towns and areas around the globe are looking to attract top talent using myriad incentives such as cold hard cash, sandwich shop perks, free bicycles and more... 

People who choose to relocate can also take advantage of professional development and entrepreneurial programs at West Virginia University's John Chambers College of Business and Economics including a Remote Manager or Remote Worker Certification.  


Source: TechRepublic