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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Mathematical theory of everything | Mathematics- Medium

How do we manage the math things that we don’t really think are math like? Can we go beyond that? Is Mathematics capable of describing everything and anything. That is the question that I will try to answer today by Waldo Otis, Medium, published in However Mathematics…

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Before we begin let me ask you a question; When some say “mathematics”, what’s the first thing that comes up in your head? Numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? A multiplication, a division, an equation? All that nice stuff, but the thing is that is not mathematics itself. That’s just the language of mathematics. However, the language of mathematics that we use today didn’t just spring up. It is an evolution of previous types of mathematical languages.

We had Sumerian mathematics, Mayan mathematics, Egyptian mathematics, Roman mathematics. All type of mathematics that ended up evolving into the language of mathematics that we use today...

Now, those video games are also described using mathematics as well. How? Through a high level computing language. That high level computing language is itself mathematically described using a hierarchy of mathematical languages. And the lower-level mathematical computing languages are also mathematically described using things that exist in our own universe. In this case, transistors… And those transistors are made up of fundamental particles in our own universe atoms which are purely mathematical. But the interesting thing here is is that those video games have laws that makes them behave differently than our own universe.

And how did we do that? We just described them mathematically. Teleportation? Mathematically describe it. Unrealistic bodies? Mathematically describe it. Faster than light travel? It is not possible in our own universe but in a video game you can mathematically describe it. So, with all that said does mathematics describe everything.

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